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Meet the SAFE Maa team

Amos Leuka, Project Manager 

Amos co-founded SAFE Maa with Nick Reding in 2005 and is now a Project Manager. Before joining S.A.F.E., he was a Deputy Head teacher in a primary school in Olpusare. He is the co-designer of both the HIV and FGC programmes and is now focusing on protecting the beautiful Loita environment. He lives in Nkosesia with his family.

Sarah Tenoi, Project Manager 

Sarah was born in Loita and, before joining S.A.F.E., was a local primary school teacher. She is now Project Manger for SAFE Maa and co-designer of our work on female genital cutting. She has received training in post-trauma counselling and is starting S.A.F.E.’s drop-in centre and family planning programme. She lives in Ilkerin with her husband and three children.

Christine Koyie, Outreach Officer and Performer 

Christine joined SAFE Maa in 2008 as an outreach officer and performer. Before joining S.A.F.E., she was a community health worker in Loita. She travels in the community to promote public health as a S.A.F.E. performer. She lives in Morijo.

David Shakai, Outreach Officer and Performer 

David was a founding member of S.A.F.E. and was involved in devising the HIV performance in 2005. He is one of SAFE Maa’s outreach officers who travels the area teaching people about public health. He was part of the team that established the S.A.F.E. condom distribution network – the first in the area. Before joining SAFE Maa, he was a farmer in Loita. He lives in Olmesuti.

Kencha Sinag’au, Outreach Officer and Performer 

Kencha was a founding member of SAFE Maa in 2005. Before joining S.A.F.E., he was a Moran, a farmer and a livestock owner. He is an outreach officer and part of the condom distribution network, and he helped devise the HIV play. He is an excellent performer and lives in Nkosesia with his family.

Shashon Oloibelo, Outreach Officer and Performer 

Shashon was a founding member of SAFE Maa and is the lead performer and soloist. He is also an Outreach Officer and part of the condom distribution team. Before joining S.A.F.E., Shashon was a Maasi Moran (young warrior) and businessman. Whilst a Moran, he was the best singer and a champion lion killer. He lives in Pololet.

Naserian Simpano, Outreach Officer and Performer 

Naserian joined SAFE Maa in 2008 as a performer and outreach officer. She facilitates training and meetings within the community. She was the first member of SAFE Maa to help prevent a girl from undergoing FGC. She also leads training with schoolgirls about FGC and campaigns to prevent girls from dropping out of school. She lives in Entashata with her husband and children.

Everlyne Siloma, Performer and Singer

Everlyne joined SAFE Maa in 2011 as a performer and singer. Before joining SAFE Maa she had worked as a business lady. She currently lives with her husband and children in Ilkerin.

Everlyn Shuma, Performer 

Everlyn was a founding member of SAFE Maa and helps devise our performances. She is an accomplished performer from Nkosesia. S.A.F.E. is her first job outside of the home.

Lemayian Murkuk, Performer 

Leamyian was a founding member of SAFE Maa and is the lead singer. He is also SAFE Maa’s motorbike driver. Before joining S.A.F.E., Lemayian was a crop and livestock farmer. He helps devise performance pieces and lives in Nkosesia.

Philip Murkuk, Performer 

Philip joined SAFE Maa in 2007 as a performer. During this time, S.A.F.E. has paid for him to complete his secondary school education and he has recently completed Form 4 at Loita High School. He is looking forward to staying with SAFE Maa having completed his studies, and would like to become a doctor one day. Before joining S.A.F.E., Philip was a farmer in Olmesuti.

Sarah Koin, Performer 

Sarah was a founding member of SAFE Maa and is the female soloist. She is an excellent singer and we use her story in our FGC programme. S.A.F.E. has paid for her secondary school education and she has completed Form 2. She lives in Nkosesia with her husband and children.

Christine Nagabual, Performer 

Christine joined SAFE Maa in 2012 as a performer. She is a mother of three and has always loved to sing. She wanted to join S.A.F.E. as she feels it is very important to educate her community about FGC and HIV.

Nalang'u Nkiton, Performer 

Nalang'u was a founder member of SAFE Maa. Previously, she was a farmer. She has five children. She performs in all SAFE Maa tours and feels ending FGC is the most important job SAFE Maa have.

Purity Murkuk, Performer 

Purity joined SAFE Maa in 2012 after a wonderful audition. When she finished her primary education she was married, and she now has three children. One of these is a girl and Purity is determined that she will not be cut. Ending FGC for girls is her passion. 

Dickson Leuka, Performer and Security Guard 

Dickson is a founding member of SAFE Maa, working as a performer and security guard. Before joining S.A.F.E., Dickson was a crops and livestock farmer. He is responsible for SAFE Maa’s store keeping and is involved in devising performances and storytelling. He lives in Nkosesia.

Wilson Nankiria, Head of Security and Cook

Wilson is in charge of security at SAFE Maa's office ('the SAFE House') in Loita. He has worked with SAFE Maa since 2007. When the troupe go on tour he accompanies them as cook, keeping them well fed as they travel the Loita Hills with their performances. 

Kumari Pempa, Security Guard 

Kumari joined S.A.F.E. in 2011 as a security guard. Before joining SAFE Maa he was a farmer and construction worker. He lives in Iltumaro.

Saitoti Tupet, Security Guard 

Saitoti joined SAFE Maa in 2009 as a security guard. Before working for S.A.F.E., he was a livestock keeper, farmer and Moran. He lives in Olentarakuai.